Tour Patches

Some patches can be purchased, but some MUST be earned…

There are a few different tour patches that can be acheived:

  • Grand Tour Master
  • Australian Bushfire Memorial Tour Patch

Grand Tour Master


What is Grand Tour?

When the club was young, the easiest way to tell others about it was by word of mouth. This meant that the members had to get out and visit other fire fighters, and one of the best ways to do that was to visit Fire Stations. Someone came up with the idea of rewarding members who made a certain number of visits.
Patches are awarded for visiting Fire Stations beginning with the letters in

  4. 12 STATIONS beginning with any letter of the alphabet.
    (After completing the above 4 tours a pin will also be awarded.)
  5. ALPHABET which includes all the letters in the alphabet.

The above can be completed in any order, but each station must be visited within a 12 month period. (Except for the alphabet tour which has an unlimited time to be collected)


Each station visit may only be claimed once. You may use the same station in multiple tours IF you have visited that station on more than one occasion.

You must have a picture of you and your motorcycle taken at each Station with the station name sign visible.  The photographer may be included.

NOTE: any stations without names visible will be called Zeden by default unless otherwise labelled J

You may collect stations as a part of a group ride or on your own.

A database will be kept to track who has completed the rides.


Instructions to claim patches

Once you have completed a tour and wish to claim a patch, submit a copy of each station photo with dates, the name of the member or members wishing to claim and the name of the patch you wish to claim to your Chapter President (or the Regional Director if a MAL)
Records will then be submitted to the International Grand Tour Chairperson to claim the patch.
Further info available at:

Australian “Bush Fire Memorial Tour” Patch

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The Australian “Bush Fire Memorial Tour” is an additional, but uniquely Australian tour, similar to the International “Grand Tour” but instead of visiting fire stations, it involves visiting various fire related memorials from around Australia. This new tour gives our members a chance to pay our respects to our fellow firefighters and also gives our overseas Red Knights members, a unique “Aussie” themed event to take part in while visiting our country.

To complete the tour, Red Knights members need to be photographed visiting a number of memorials.

  • A total of 8 memorials qualifies a member for the “FIRE DANGER RATING” patch and the first level patch of “LOW MODERATE“.
  • A total of 16 memorials qualifies a member for the additional level patch of “HIGH
  • A total of 24 memorials qualifies a member for the additional level patch of “VERY HIGH
  • A total of 32 memorials qualifies a member for the additional level patch of “SEVERE
  • A total of 40 memorials qualifies a member for the additional level patch of “EXTREME
  • A total of 48 memorials qualifies a member for the additional level patch of “CATASTROPHIC
  • An overseas visitor may qualify for the “FIRE DANGER RATING” patch only if they visit at least 1 fire memorial during their stay in Australia.

Instructions to claim patches

For each stage of the tour, members need to submit a set of 8 photographs of themselves visiting visiting 8 different memorials, wearing their Red Knights vest, and send to

There is no time limit to achieve the tour but anyone completing a full set 48 or more memorials within 1 year shall receive an additional award.

The memorials listed are a guide only, other Australian memorials may be approved as long as there is proof that it is a genuine public memorial.

To find Fire Memorial in all states of Australia, go to –

To view all Victorian Fire Memorials, go to…